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FREE audit of past and current medical bills

Send us your past medical bills and your insurance payment paperwork (EOB) and we’ll organize and audit each one to determine what you actually owe – at absolutely NO RISK to you. We’ll identify any errors and recover any overpayments.

Once a savings is secured you will be charged 35% of the recovered amount. If we don’t save you money, there is no fee for our service.

**Historical audits will go as far back as the insurance company will allow.
**Recovered amounts are funds remitted to member, their beneficiaries, or medical providers on a member’s behalf, including amounts applied to the member’s deductible.

Ongoing monthly bill review

Send us your current medical bills and your insurance payment paperwork (EOB) every month before you pay anything. We’ll organize and review every bill to ensure benefits have been processed and paid correctly so you’ll never pay a medical bill you don’t owe.

This ongoing service is provided for $79 per month with a 6-month minimum commitment.

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