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We are fully licensed and HIPAA compliant. Our Medical Billing Advocates collectively have decades of experience in Medical Billing and will treat your situation with empathy and confidentiality.

$500 + 5% of savings

Description: Send us your past, current, and ongoing medical bills and insurance payment paperwork. We’ll organize and audit everything, identify errors, and develop a custom negotiation strategy focused on maximizing your savings and then go out and get those savings.

$500 is due upfront. 5% of any savings will be billed only after the savings is obtained.

What to Expect When You Work With ClaimMedic

When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the confusion, headache and stress caused by dealing with medical bills, call ClaimMedic for help!

Our approach is simple! We’ll begin with a few questions to determine your exact needs.

  • What type of insurance do you have?
  • Are there recent bills that need immediate attention?
  • Would you like us to review past claims to determine if errors or overpayments have been made on previous billings?
  • Would you like for us to take over the review and auditing of claims on an ongoing basis?

Once we have an idea of how we can help, we will mail or email you a packet of information that will allow us to gather additional details so we can get started. Included in the packet will be:

  • A registration form that includes your demographic and insurance company details;
  • A client agreement that details the services we provide and the expense, if any, of those services; and
  • An authorization form that gives us permission to contact your insurance company and medical providers on your behalf.

After you return the forms, we’ll get to work. We’ll deal directly with your insurance company and medical providers (physicians, hospitals or other service providers) to be certain that your services were billed accurately, that your charges were paid correctly by your insurance company, and that the payments were applied accurately to your bill by your medical provider. We’ll then provide you with a report detailing exactly what to pay.

You enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll never again pay a medical bill that you don’t owe!


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