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Our Medical Billing Advocates collectively have decades of experience in Medical Billing and will treat your situation with empathy and confidentiality.

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Breaking down complicated medical bills is our specialty. We make sure bills are correct and paid on time. Our specialist takes overall medical bill payments and re-negotiates any unfair pricing each month. They organize and audit each charge, identify errors, and develop a custom negotiation strategy as needed and then advise you what to pay, or will pay bills directly for you. The most difficult part of getting sick should be getting better, not trying to sort out your medical bills.

Many people have a pile of medical bills they wish would disappear. We will be the ones to wait on the phone for hours. We will find the appropriate person to talk to. And we will make sure that you do not pay for any part of your medical bill that you should not pay.

The people we help:


People with on-going medical or chronic disease issues.


People who just don’t want to haggle or worry about a medical bill ever again.


Adult children handling their parents' medical bills.


Anyone overwhelmed by the stack of bills.

We have decades of experience in medical billing and are fully licensed and HIPAA compliant. Not everyone’s medical needs are the same so we don’t expect your billings needs to be the same, either. We have seen everything in medical billing and can ensure you that you and your loved ones will be relieved when we help you better manage your medical bills.

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A common phrase in our office is “Tell me what is going on”. We are here to help you with your medical bill questions and complications. We listen and determine if we are a good fit for your billing issue and will advise you on your next best steps for the problem.