Dealing with a large COVID-19 medical bill?

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We’re experts in negotiating large medical bills. We understand your frustration around complicated COVID-19 medical bills.


We handle your denied medical claims – all of them

Has you COVID-19 claim been denied? ClaimMedic has over 30 years in helping our clients solve issues with their medical bills.


We negotiate your medical bills

COVID-19 bills are being miscategorized, and patients are receiving erroneous bills. We will navigate and negotiate through the medical billing process on your behalf.

We help you avoid collections and credit score dings

Your credit score should not be adversely affected because you needed life-saving medical care. We work with medical billing departments to ensure your claim and any related credit bureau issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

We take on the stress

No more hold lines, and no more runarounds. We know whom to talk to and how to work with the billing departments to resolve your medical bills.

Alarmed over the COVID-19 medical bills you received?

Significant medical bills often are associated with an unexpected medical event, such as COVID-19. We have helped 1000s of clients lower their medical bills. They come to us for a variety of reasons including.


Health insurance companies that are refusing to pay their share.


Client doesn’t have medical insurance.


Patients, especially COVID-19 patients are billed improperly.


Disrupted access forced you to an out of network provider for non COVID-19 related care.


Your bill is really confusing and seems too large.

We understand COVID has taken an incredible toll on our society, the healthcare system, and directly on patients that need fast, direct medical care. We are here to negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on what’s most important – getting well.

How to get started:

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We will discuss your specific situation and concerns, and then review how we can help you reduce your medical costs.

We negotiate on your behalf

We will collect all your bills and medical information and work with the provider, directly. We take care of all the details.

You relax and recover

We have everything under control, so you can focus on your health instead of your medical bills.


We were still owing at well over $100,000. ClaimMedic and Mary came riding in on their white horse. In just a few months, all the bills were settled for less than 20% of what was due (including ClaimMedic’s fees). This service is a ministry and ought to be taxed as such.

– Phil B

Mary is a godsend- she’s calm, she’s helpful, she’s professional and she’s dogged. She was able to negotiate thousands off the existing bill- I never would have been able to do it myself. Two of my friends have had to have surgery. My first first words have been “Call Mary- she may be able to help with the billing!”

– Pam

Three difficult surgeries spanning 10 weeks in the hospital with many attending doctors and various tests everyday. Mary saved time, saved money and she provided peace of mind that everything was handled professionally. I recommend ClaimMedic for any medical/insurance billing. GREAT JOB ….Thank you.

– JB | S

My son travels internationally and has medical insurance through a travel policy. He had surgery in Taiwan along with follow up physical therapy. The insurance company approved the procedures ahead of time but when the bills arrived, it was nothing but red tape. It was a huge headache for him and me as we tried to resolve it with a 12 hour time difference. We turned everything over to ClaimMedic and they took it from there. Got the bills reimbursed and are even making sure the conversion rate being used is consistent and correct. I highly recommend using ClaimMedic to help you navigate through the confusing world of medical billing and insurance reimbursements.

– JCindy B., Jacksonville Beach, FL

I had a simple, brief, maybe 2 hours, stay in the ER for a kidney stone. I was expecting a bill from the ER! But you would not believe the number of bills I got from medical entities I had never heard of, in addition to the hospital, of course. I turned these bills over to ClaimMedic and they promptly helped me make sense out of it all. It turns out that one invoice in the thousands of dollars was not even supposed to have been billed to me. Thank you ClaimMedic! I highly recommend anyone getting medical treatment, especially hospital care, and even more especially with insurance, call ClaimMedic.

– James G. Bremen, GA

My insurance company denied $3,000 from my recent outpatient surgery and I didn’t have the money to pay the bill. Thankfully ClaimMedic realized it was denied in error. They contacted the insurance company and got the claim paid in full. What a relief!

– Taylor G., Atlanta, GA