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Words are inadequate to express how grateful we are to Mary and Andrew. I can not thank them enough for all of their assistance with our billing issues! Calling ClaimMedic is the best decision I made! I was so completely stressed trying to talk with the insurance company myself and continually getting no where. It was like a full time job, so stressful, and frustrating! Even though I didn’t know what the outcome would be when I first hired them it was freeing just handing it over to someone else. I never dreamt they would save us as much as they did. Our bills totaled over $22,000. We had a $7000 deductible and I was mentally prepared to pay that amount. In the end it was considerably less. We paid about $2800.00. It took almost 14 months but they were persistent and kept on it. What a relief to have this behind us. Couldn’t have done it without ClaimMedic…forever grateful and would recommend them to anyone!

Sue S.

I called Mary to try to retain her services in negotiating down a large five-figure bill from the Mayo Clinic. She asked detailed questions, shared knowledge and insights, and was extremely generous with her time and expertise. Ultimately, she told me that I would be best served handling my complaint directly with Mayo, advised me exactly how to do this, and offered to continue to serve as a resource moving forward as a friend. When I offered to pay her for her time, she declined. I would give her a ten star review if I could. We need more Marys in this world!!!


After the death of my husband I was hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars for his medical bills. His insurance was refusing to pay on any and all of the provider claims. God led me to ClaimMedic and Mary! She and Andrew were nothing short of heaven sent. Being an RN for 50 years had me disabled so I could not just “work another job” to pay these crippling medical bills. Mary & Andrew saved me from certain financial death. They were professional, in nearly constant communication, hard working, and persistent in representing me. I refer everyone needing help with outrageous medical bills.


We were still owing at well over $100,000. Claim Medic and Mary came riding in on their white horse. In just a few months, all the bills were settled for less than 20% of what was due (including Claim Medic’s fees). This service is a ministry and ought to taxed as such.

Phil B.

Mary is a godsend — she’s calm, she’s helpful, she’s professional and she’s dogged. She was able to negotiate thousands off the existing bill- I never would have been able to do it myself. Two of my friends have had to have surgery. My first words have been “Call Mary — she may be able to help with the billing!”


3 difficult Surgeries spanning 10 weeks in the Hospital with many attending Doctors and various tests everyday. Mary saved time, saved Money and she provided peace of mind that everything was handled professionally. I recommend Claim Medic for for any Medical/Insurance Billing. GREAT JOB ….Thank you.

JB | S

My disabled adult daughter had medical bills for one emergency hospitalization stay. Insurance company and hospital claimed that she was out of network, despite being an emergency and no other hospitals available nearby, and billed her for about $23,000. After four months of getting nowhere, we reached out to Mary. Seven months later after many efforts, Mary finally got the hospital to agree to reduce the bill to $3000. Mary’s rates were reasonable and she billed us exactly as agreed upon. She was very persistent and we really appreciate her efforts and results.


Fantastic service. I collected on a claim that was initially denied by my health insurance company. If I had attempted this myself, I would not have known where to begin. This service saved me from having to spend hours on paperwork. Nice to deal with a business that does even better than they promise!

Perry W Guye

Mary and staff patiently worked through my $30,000 hospital stay bill with a very disconnected and disjointed hospital administration staff. My questions were never answered and the billing department did not talk with customers. Customer service was not local and not helpful. Claim Medic worked through all those issues and was able to reduce my bill to $4,000 (my deductible and coinsurance amount). A big difference! Thank you!


I am a recent cancer survivor and when all the dust settled, despite decent insurance, I still owed almost $10,000 in bills to a NY hospital. Initially, I tried to negotiate with the hospital but got nowhere. After many sleepless nights and a little online research, I came across Claim Medic’s website. Despite being a little skeptical of online websites and their claims, I decided to hand my problem over to Mary and Andrew. From the beginning they were reassuring and compassionate. To cut to the chase, all my worries and concerns are gone and so are my bills. They really delivered for me. Thanks Mary and Andrew, John

John Weir 

My husband and I were overwhelmed with a $50,000 Mayo balance. I met with Mayo’s finance but was unsuccessful in altering the balance. I called Mary and had a 45 minute meeting and gave her all my info. In a week the new balance was $17,000. Now it is manageable. Thank you Mary. I highly recommend ClaimMedic.

Ruth A Lawrence

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