Client Testimonials

We were still owing at well over $100,000. Claim Medic and Mary came riding in on their white horse. In just a few months, all the bills were settled for less than 20% of what was due (including Claim Medic’s fees). This service is a ministry and ought to taxed as such.

Phil B

Mary is a godsend- she’s calm, she’s helpful, she’s professional and she’s dogged. She was able to negotiate thousands off the existing bill- I never would have been able to do it myself. Two of my friends have had to have surgery. My first first words have been “Call Mary- she may be able to help with the billing!”


3 difficult Surgeries spanning 10 weeks in the Hospital with many attending Doctors and various tests everyday. Mary saved time, saved Money and she provided peace of mind that everything was handled professionally. I recommend Claim Medic for for any Medical/Insurance Billing. GREAT JOB ….Thank you.

JB | S

“My son travels internationally and has medical insurance through a travel policy. He had surgery in Taiwan along with follow up physical therapy. The insurance company approved the procedures ahead of time but when the bills arrived, it was nothing but red tape. It was a huge headache for him and me as we tried to resolve it with a 12 hour time difference. We turned everything over to ClaimMedic and they took it from there. Got the bills reimbursed and are even making sure the conversion rate being used is consistent and correct. I highly recommend using ClaimMedic to help you navigate through the confusing world of medical billing and insurance reimbursements.”

Cindy B.
Jacksonville Beach, FL

“ClaimMedic reviews my medical bills every month since I’m so confused by all the papers I get in the mail. I’m amazed at the number of mistakes they find. I love having the peace of mind that I’m only paying bills that I truly owe.”

Paul D.
Jacksonville, FL

“I had a simple, brief, maybe 2 hours, stay in the ER for a kidney stone. I was expecting a bill from the ER! But you would not believe the number of bills I got from medical entities I had never heard of, in addition to the hospital, of course. I turned these bills over to ClaimMedic and they promptly helped me make sense out of it all. It turns out that one invoice in the thousands of dollars was not even supposed to have been billed to me. Thank you ClaimMedic! I highly recommend anyone getting medical treatment, especially hospital care, and even more especially with insurance, call ClaimMedic.”

James G.
Bremen, GA

“My insurance company denied $3,000 from my recent outpatient surgery and I didn’t have the money to pay the bill. Thankfully ClaimMedic realized it was denied in error. They contacted the insurance company and got the claim paid in full. What a relief!”

Taylor G.
Atlanta, GA

“Mary Daniel of ClaimMedic worked professionally and persistently on my insurance claim for a year and a half and through three appeals with the health insurance company. Though she lives and works four states away, she stayed in touch with me at each step of the process, which was ultimately successful because Mary had done her homework and presented our case so convincingly. I am very grateful to Mary for the full reimbursement of medical expenses I received from Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.”

Michael D.
Lexington, KY

“ClaimMedic saved my father hundreds of dollars in insurance charges that were wrongly billed to him. After his lengthy illness, they reviewed all of his hospital bills, disputing what we didn’t owe. I could have NEVER done it myself.”

Melinda H.
Melbourne, FL

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