5 Minutes with Mary Daniel
"ClaimMedic provides assistance to patients or caregivers who are frustrated, confused and overwhelmed with medical bills." - ClaimMedic CEO Mary Daniel

What has been going on professionally in your life since we last saw you at 24/7 Pediatric Care?

After 30 years managing medical practices in Jacksonville I opened a new business in August. ClaimMedic provides assistance to patients or caregivers who are frustrated, confused and overwhelmed with medical bills. We organize, analyze and verify medical bills to ensure accuracy so no one ever pays a medical bill that they don’t owe.

ClaimMedic is one of the only medical billing advocacy companies in the nation, a very new concept in patient advocacy. We are proud that we help fight for a different kind of patient rights – coverage, reimbursements and peace of mind. We did a two-year audit recently for a large customer and found that 50 percent of her medical bills were incorrect and overcharges. I love taking my skills learned in my 30 years as a medical practice manager and using it to help people.

What are the biggest obstacles for Jacksonville’s Health Care industry and what are some of the things you would like to see change both on a regional and national level.

We are extremely lucky to have world class healthcare in Jacksonville but we also have a large part of our population that relies on Medicaid for their medical coverage. Medicaid reimbursement for Florida physicians is extremely low, roughly half of Medicare, so few providers are available to give the care needed, especially to children. I realize this puts a burden on the state but I truly believe the state needs to pay physicians a fair reimbursement for the care and risk involved in treating these patients.

I would love to see health insurance companies have the ability to sell their policies nationally like automobile policies and also allow individuals access to more policies outside of their employment. These two changes could significantly reduce the cost of coverage by increasing competition, making health insurance more affordable for everyone.

When I started ClaimMedic, I literally had to change a state insurance law to be a patient billing advocate. I think my story shows that one person can make a difference when it comes to our healthcare.

What are the biggest struggles women face in the workplace, specifically in leadership roles?

I have been fortunate to have faced very few struggles from my work in Jacksonville medical practices. Like many other women I believe the struggles I have faced are based more on creating a work-family balance because of the demands that we, as women, place on ourselves.

Balancing a career, family and volunteering to serve my community can be challenging but also extremely gratifying.

The good news is that ClaimMedic is finding that women are very empowered in their households and often make most of the medical and financial decisions for their families. They feel very comfortable working with a woman consultant like myself who can see the world from their unique perspective.

I don’t view myself as just a woman business owner.

I’m a business owner first and foremost.

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