Stake Your Claim

A longtime medical industry and insurance expert and caregiver in Northeast Florida has launched one of the nation’s only medical billing advocacy services. ClaimMedic helps patients and caregivers verify and manage their medical bills, which are often confusing as well as inaccurate. “Even as an expert, I found that I was exhausted and frustrated with the errors and the time it took to manage payments and insurance,” says ClaimMedic CEO Mary Daniel. “I knew I could help patients as their advocate.” The Department of Labor estimates that 200 million claims out of the 1.4 billion submitted annually are initially denied. The reasons range from simple paperwork errors to a wrongful denial based on inadequate information or diagnosis. ClaimMedic’s patient advocates organize, analyze and verify medical bills to ensure accuracy.

ClaimMedic|P.O. Box 1275|Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004|Toll-free: 1-888-988-2985

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