What We Do

What We Do

We negotiate medical bills on your behalf with insurers and healthcare providers to reduce your medical bills and protect your from overcharges. We follow a three step process to make sure we save you as much as money possible:

  • Understand: we organize, audit, review, and help you to understand your medical bills so you know what’s going on and what you’re paying for.
  • Strategize: We work with you to develop a custom strategy to catch incorrect charges, ensure your insurance is covering everything it should, and negotiate your bills down.
  • Negotiate: Our team of professional medical billing advocates goes to work negotiating with hospitals, insurers, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare providers to reduce your bill.
Save money.

Save money.

Our medical billing advocates are committed to negotiating with insurance companies and healthcare providers to find and refund every penny you’ve been overcharged.

Restore your peace of mind.

Restore your peace of mind.

Our billing experts will organize confusing medical bills and work with you to make sure you understand exactly what is going on and what you do and don’t need to pay.

Save time.

Save time.

We have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and care providers – we speak their language and know what to do in order to get you the most money back as efficiently as possible.

What Our Clients Say

ClaimMedic reviews my medical bills every month since I’m so confused by all the papers I get in the mail. I’m amazed at the number of mistakes they find. I love having the peace of mind that I’m only paying bills that I truly owe.

Paul D. • Jacksonville, FL

My insurance company denied $3,000 from my recent outpatient surgery and I didn’t have the money to pay the bill. Thankfully ClaimMedic realized it was denied in error. They contacted the insurance company and got the claim paid in full. What a relief!

Taylor G. • Atlanta, GA

ClaimMedic saved my father hundreds of dollars in insurance charges that were wrongly billed to him. After his lengthy illness, they reviewed all of his hospital bills, disputing what we didn’t owe. I could have NEVER done it myself.

Melinda H. • Melbourne, FL

What can a Medical Claims Specialist do for you?

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