Frequently Asked Questions

Over 30+ years we have heard it all. Listening to our clients there are few topics and questions that come up often that we have compiled here.

What does a medical bill advocate do?
A medical billing advocate understands the world of medical billing so they can find errors, work with your providers and insurance company, and negotiate balances as your representative. Having a professional in your corner to help navigate the confusing world of medical bills can save you time, money, and frustration.
How do I work with you?

Depending on your specific situation, we’ll develop a strategy to help fix the problem you’re having. We’ll discuss the details in a free phone consultation then explain our process, the benefits we believe we can provide, and our charge before we get started.

Does it matter if I have insurance or not?

No, we handle a variety of medical billing problems, some involve insurance issues, and many involve negotiating balances for patients who received treatment but were uninsured.

What if my bills are a few years old?
We review every situation independently to develop a strategy for your situation. If your bills are a few years old but there has never been a judgment issued against you, we would like to review them to determine if negotiation is possible.
What if I already have a judgment filed against me for my medical bills?
Unfortunately, we aren’t able to help negotiate a delinquent bill that had resulted in a legal judgment. That’s why it’s important not to ignore your medical bills and call in an advocate who can help while the account is still active.
How bad will medical debt affect my credit?

The medical debt can affect your credit, but it has a smaller impact then nonmedical debt. This distinction recognizes that most medical debt is not voluntary and should not be considered the same as general consumer debt.

How do I know if a bill is correct or not?
Unless you have experience in medical billing, you don’t! That’s where an experienced medical billing advocate comes in. We can audit and review charges, reimbursements, and adjustments to be sure you aren’t paying a medical bill you don’t owe.
I’m really worried because I was past my due date
Communication with a provider about a bill you’ve received is extremely important. Believing a bill is incorrect or not having the money to pay it are legitimate reasons for concern but that concern has to be expressed to the provider so they can be aware that you’re working on a solution, just not ignoring their bill. This will buy you time to contact us so we can discuss your situation and provide you direction in getting the issue resolved.
I haven’t met my deductible, but I have a big bill. What should I do?
If your big bill is all deductible, which happens frequently due to the prevalence of high deductible insurance plans, then you need to call the provider and discuss a payment plan to pay that deductible. Remember, if you have a high deductible policy you have agreed to pay that deductible before the policy starts contributing. It’s not the provider’s responsibility to negotiate or subsidize your deductible.
My claims are denied, what do I do?
Call us for a free phone consultation. We have the experience to review your denials to determine if they were denied incorrectly or if there’s a legitimate reason for the insurance company not to pay. Once determined we can develop the best strategy for you to get the bill lowered by either refiling your claims to your insurance company for an appeal or negotiating a settlement with the provider.
I’m worried about malpractice and don’t want to pay my bill.
Medical malpractice is very serious, but it should not be considered as part of the medical billing issue. If you feel malpractice has occurred, then we would encourage you to seek legal counsel, but the medical bills still need to be addressed so that they don’t become another problem.

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